New UGA Coach: Courtney Kupets Carter

If you follow gymnastics, I am sure the name Courtney Kupets rings a bell! 2003 World Team member, 2004 Olympic champion, University of Georgia four time NCAA champion…..need I continue?

Courtney Kupets Carter has been recently named the head coach of the University of Georgia gymnastics team. The Georgia Gym Dogs were ranked 12th in the NCAA 2017 rankings, finishing with a season high of a 197.325. With Kupets’ nine individual NCAA honors from her time as a Gym Dog, she certainly has what it takes to get the team back on top.

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“First of all, I know I have the knowledge about gymnastics,” Kupets said in a press conference interview at UGA. “I have the college experience. I have the passion and the drive … More than anything else, those factors will help motivate, bring out the best in your athletes on the floor.”

Kupets’ first move as head coach was to hire Suzanne Yoculan as the volunteer coach. Yoculan made the program as powerful as it was before retiring in 2009. Kupets feels she will be the best assistant possible to get the Gym Dogs to the level they used to be at.

Kupets will be replacing Danna Durante, who was not asked to return for the upcoming season. Durante held the position of head coach for five years.

Kupets turned heads in Athens, Greece at the 2004 Olympics, and the gymnastics community cannot wait to see what she will bring to Athens, Georgia as she makes her triumphant return to UGA Gymnastics!



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